Tuesday, November 9, 2010

TOPIC DISCUSSION: "Onco" Nephrology

An upcoming sub specialty in nephrology is "onco" nephrology.  It is the field of renal disease associated with malignancy and chemotherapy related complications. Kidney disease frequently complicates malignancy and its treatment. The spectrum of disease in this setting is huge and the list below is trying to be comprehensive.

Topics that one would consider part of this field:
1. Electrolyte disorders of Malignancy
2. Secondary Glomerular diseases of Malignancy
3. Cancer related renal complications
4. Chemotherapy related renal complications
5. Myeloma Nephrology
6. Amyloidosis Nephrology
7. Thrombotic Microangiopathy and all its causes and treatment strategies( HUS/TTP)
8. Bone marrow transplant related kidney diseases
9. Radiation Nephropathy
10. Tumor Lysis Syndrome
11. Acute Kidney injury in the hospitalized cancer patient.
12. The ethics of dialysis in the dying cancer patient
13. Dialysis and chemotherapy agents
14. Tumor invasion of the kidney
15. Obstructive renal disease
16. Chronic Kidney disease after chemotherapy induced AKI
17. Chronic Kidney disease after BMT

There have been recent waves of articles summarizing this new field of expertize in nephrology.
ASN is actually having an entire session dedicated to this in 2010. Check it out!


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