Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Nephmadness 2018

Neph Madness is back with a new twist in 2018! This time, not only is it the fun game we used to playing for the last 6 years but this year there is CME points awarded.  So you learn and get credit for it!

Thanks to AJKD and NKF on this component of the Neph Madness
and check out the website
I just submitted my picks and all I can say is my top player is related to the heart! Let’s see if the best champion wins. 

Novel things this year
1.       Many visual abstracts
2.       Amazing videos
3.       CME credits this time around
4.       Visually appealing more amazing website design
5.       More varied topics including a Pediatric Neph region, transplant region and an interesting basic science and electrolyte region. 

 Here is the amazing blue ribbon panel
Blue Ribbon Panel
Come play the best online game of the year- Nephmadness 2018! 
Check out this amazing editorial on this years games by Sparks and Topf

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Concept Map: Podocytopathies

In last decade, another way to look at podocyte disorders.
Reference of this form of classification comes from
Click on image for larger size view

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