Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quiz 8 answers

Immunology Quiz: There are two types of Tregs:- the natural kind and the induced kind. Which of these statements is FALSE?

1.The natural T regs are thymus derived   0 (0%)
2.The induced T regs are generated in the periphery   0 (0%)
3.The natural T regs are derived from T effector cells  5 (50%)
4.The natural T regs suppress autoimmunity  2 (20%)
5. The induced T regs induction requires CD28 signalling, and possibly TGF-B and other cytokines
  1 (10%)
6.The natural T regs are selected by autoantigens
  2 (20%)
There are two types of T regulatory cells, one that is natural Tregs and the other that is induced T regs.
But are Foxpe+T reg cells.
Natural T regs: are Thymus derived, selected by autoantigens and could be autoreactive.
They cross react to alloantigens and suppress autoimmunity.
Induced T regs: are generated in the periphery, derived from T effector cells.  Their induction requires cytokine activation and CD28 signialling.  They are positively and negatively regulated by many pathways.
Hence, the choice number 3 is wrong.

Nice review below:

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