Sunday, June 21, 2020

10 Years of Nephrology Social Media

10 years and a few months ago, I wrote the first nephronpower post. It was simple and about a historical event in nephrology. My inspiration was the Late Nate Hellman from Renal Fellow Network. What has transpired since then is truly amazing for the field of Nephrology.

Few of us started blogging at National conferences, some of us tweeting like a storm. Finally, the academic community noticed this and soon ASN, NKF and all wanted tweets and blogs of their events. The first landmark paper summarizing some of this was in AJKD in 2011.

Following that, was the birth of AJKDblog or then called eAJKD. This allowed for more collaboration and more social media to flourish in nephrology and leading to the ultimate- Nephmadness ( mastermind game by the Topf Sparks team) in 2013.

After 2013, nothing was stopping nephrology to take the lead in social media.
From NephJC to tweetorials to whatsApp to creation of NSMC-- happening so fast and furious!

Nephrologists quickly stormed the social media world to lead and show how it's done!
In NDT is a brief tutorial for how to be social media savvy.

Academic journals- AJKDBlog
Journal club- NephJC
Well ironed blogs- Renal Fellow Network
Online Successfully run interactive game for over 7 years- Nephmadness
Online academy of educators for future social media wannabees- NSMC
Every fellowship program trying to have a twitter account and social media presence.

What else can you ask for?
All this is summarized in recent issue in Seminars in Nephrology by guest editor Joel Topf and includes all various aspects of the social media
Here is a nice tweetorial by Chan on the entire issue

Introduction to social media
Tweet or not to tweet
Twitter based journal clubs
Visual abstracts
Semi-private Apps ( WhatsApp)
FOAM quality 

Congratulation to the nephrology community to being leaders in education via social media in medicine!

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