Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Kidney Transplant in HIV patients- the NEJM study

Kidney Transplantation was rare in HIV+ cases few years ago and now many centers have developed protocols that have allowed this to happen with relatively good outcomes.
No prospective studies were ever done in this matter for rejection rates, outcome measures and so forth,
This month in NEJM 2010, a nice multi center study takes a look at this particular question. The investigators evaluated 150 patients for close to 2 years, multicenter fashion, non randomized prospective fashion.
The mean graft survival was 90% at one year and 3 years was 73.7%.  The ones that didn't do well were the ones with rejection episodes, use of thymoglobulin, and non living donors.  The rejection rate was higher than expected, close to 31% at 1 year and 41% in 3 years.

This study shows that graft survival is good but the rejection rates are high still and needs some work. Perhaps the drug interaction with HAART therapy play a role in the fluctuation of perhaps CNI levels and higher rejection risk or the immunosuppresive agents we have now are not the ideal ones for an immunodeficiency diseases model?


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