Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ASN 2010 Live Update - Careers in nephrology

Academic Nephrology: Job Security, Diversity, lifestyle advantages (Division of labor), opportunities for multidisciplinary interventional studies (e.g. CKD-CVD) ,opportunity to be part of translational research team, reward of teaching endeavors
Clinical Nephrology: Integration of care of CKD patients with PCP’s through the PCMH (Patient centered medical health) concept, need for outcomes research related to new reimbursement strategies, addition to workforce
New Concepts  PCMH (Patient centered medical health) CKD to be one of the major chronic disease to model  for the PCMH and the Nephrologist as a PCMH-N( Neighbor) This being an attempt to lay ground work for coordinated care of CKD patients by attempting to do the following : Better collaboration for consultation , information exchange and evidence based decision making , PCP’s to continue to manage CKD due to HTN and DM and nephrologists to adhere to diagnosis and management of specific Glomerular diseases , Nephrologists developing systems for PCP’s to ensure  early detection of CKD

Have a plan at least for next five years; Negotiate Contract;Ask About promotion guidelines; Apply for Grants ( Sure shot way to secure dedicated research  time!);Have more than one Mentor;Don’t move too quickly into leadership roles; Don’t take up assignments that others will not !

Reported by ITI YADAV, MD

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