Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Topic Discussion: Renal Cell Cancer for the Nephrologist

An amazing review just published in Kidney International is a must read for all nephrologists. It takes us from an oncology and urology world and how the world of RCC ties into the renal hands.

The first part of the review focuses on the genetics and molecular aspects of RCC
In the risk factor section, besides genetics, it is important to remember some of the other non genetic risk factors such as Chronic end-stage renal disease on dialysis, Obesity,Smoking,Hypertension
Exposure to dry cleaning solvents,Exposure to trichloroethylene,Diuretics( this is interesting), Radiation therapy,Phenacetin,Arsenic,Cadmium,Sickle cell trait and disease,Nephrolithiasis
Chronic hepatitis C infection( another interesting point).

A bidirectional link is discussed with CKD and RCC that is very important to remember

The best part of the paper is how one approaches a patient with RCC and potential for AKI or CKD post.

Unfortunately, the treatment options for RCC post nephrectomy are potentially also nephrotoxic-- anti VEGF agents, TKIs, and now check point inhibitors. 


A must read for all!

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