Friday, October 29, 2010

Nephsap review: AKI and ICU Nephrology

At Nephsap review of AKI, we came across a question regarding ischemic renal insult and its effect on the rest of the body organs.  AKI induces inflammation and functional changes in many organs and its worth noting the changes that happen in other organs due to AKI.

1. Brain: increased vascular permeability  and disruption of blood brain barrier
2. Lungs: increased vascular permeability and pulmonary edema, increased leukocyte trafficking and altered response to ventilator associated injury
3. Heart:- increased TNF- Alpha and increased apoptosis of heart muscle
4. Bone Marrow:- increased anemia, immune dysfunction and coagulation disorders
5. GI tract:- increased channel inducing factor, and increased k excretion
6. Liver:- increased oxidation products and decreased anti oxidants

Nephrocentric we are!

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