Thursday, October 14, 2010

Quiz 7 Answers

What is the most common glomerular disease following Liver Transplantation?

Ig A Nephropathy
  7 (46%)
Minimal Change Disease
  0 (0%)
Membranous GN
  4 (26%)
MPGN Type 1
  4 (26%)
When 105 renal biopsies were studied in patients with non renal transplants for causes of glomerular disease, the most common transplant where glomerular disease was seen was liver transplantation. If you exclude, Thrombotic microangiopathy over glomerular disease, the most common was IgA Nephropathy followed by MPGN type 1 ( likely secondary to Hepatitis C).
In Bone marrow transplantation:- the most common finding was Thrombotic Microangiopathy( likely drug related or bone marrow transplant nephropathy or radiation related) followed by minimal change disease and membranous GN( which is usually seen with GvHD)
In Heart transplantation, IgA topped the list again.  

A nice review can be found below:

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