Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Basic concepts in Immunology

Concept 1
Think of Innate immune system as "non antigen presenting mediated". it can get activated without antigen presentation. Cells that are major players: NK cell and Macrophage
Adaptive immune system is " antigen presentation mediated". Needs that extra help.
Cells that play role here:- B cells, T cells, DC

Concept 2
Think of the immune system as : Effector system and Regulatory system
Effector systems play a role in causing inflammation and damage and " doing their job" best!!! CD4+T, CD8+T cells, NK cells, B effector cells are all major players
Regulators are the "policemen". They are the Tregs and Bregs. They are out there trying to shut out fires and inflammation and try to "tone down" the reaction.  Having more police around makes for a more robust and more "Controlled" immune system

Concept 3
The adaptive immune response has two arms
Afferent arm:-Antigen presentation
Efferent arm:- T cell activation

Concept 4
Two types of destruction:- cell mediated via Cd4 and Cd8 cells- granzyme and perforin and killing the cell
or antibody mediated via B cell-- leading to complement activation killing

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