Wednesday, October 20, 2010


When we look at different angiotensin receptor blockers. All of them have different half lives and apparently different excretion means.
Which ARB is longest acting:- Telmisartan has the longest half life of 24 hours; followed by Irbesartan which is 15 hours, Olmesartan is 13 hours and then comes valsartan at 9 hours, eprosartan at 7hours, candesartan at 4hours, and losartan is the shortest acting at 2 hours.
Which ARB is cleared by the liver? All of them are. Valsartan, Irbesartan and Eprosartan are >80 cleared by liver. Olmesartan, losartan and candesartan have significant renal clearance( >30%) hence making it a tough choice in someone with CKD perhaps?
Which ARB gets affected by diet? Only valsartan can be modified due to diet, rest are not.
Which ARB is most bioavailable? Irbesartan is the most at 70%, rest of them are around 30-40%

All ARBS are protein bound.

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