Friday, October 15, 2010

IN THE NEWS:- Cardiorenal syndrome or renocardiac syndromes?

We do see a lot of times dysfunction of one organ affecting the function of the other.
Hepato renal was a perfect example of this type of entity
The triad of decreased kidney function, therapy resistant heart failure and diuretic resistance has been termed now cardiorenal syndrome.
According to the experts, there are several types:
1. Acute cardiorenal syndrome ( CRS type 1):- acute cardiac failure leading to kidney injury
2. Chronic cardiorenal syndrome ( CRS type 2):- long term ckd from long term cardiac failure
3. Acute renocardiac syndrome ( CRS type 3):- acute worsening of cardiac function due to kidney disease( perhaps Nephrotic syndrome would fit this best)
4. Chronic renocardiac syndrome ( CRS type 4):- long term cardiac changes due to long term CKD( wouldn't this be most of our CKD patients)
5. Secondary cardiorenal syndrome(CRS type 5):- systemic diseases that cause both kidney and heart to fail( amyloid comes to mind)

Check out a nice review in AJKD and the last references is a nice one that summarizes the five types of cardio renal syndromes

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