Tuesday, October 5, 2010

IN THE NEWS- Nephrology Workfore

The latest issues of ASN Kidney News talks about a very important issue being the nephrology workforce.
Given the rise in population and the aging nephrologists, along with decline in medical residents applying for nephrology, there is going to be a big shortage of Nephrologists in the coming few years!

What can be done to help decrease this burden that we might all be faced with?
The article mentions some good ideas and wanted to add a few more:-
Lobbying for more support for our fellowship programs
Perhaps having more fellowships
Getting medical students interested and residents interested in nephrology early on
Innovative tools of passing down nephrology knowledge will attract more applicants
Removing the "fear" of renal medicine that many residents and medical students carry.
ASN and NKF doing more medical and resident oriented talks

What we need to do as a community is to "package" and "sell" Nephrology as a FUN, CHALLENGING and EXCITING field to our students and residents. It is !!! and we just have to do a better job with promoting our field!


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