Friday, October 8, 2010


This week is a transplant week in the journals.

The NEJM has a nice review on Rejection of the Kidney Allograft. Have a look. its very well written and combines the latest information on all concepts of rejection(with excellent visual portrayals)
Antibody Mediated and Cellular Mediated are discussed. It even goes into details of T cell activation and co stimulation and is a simple read for all.
It ends with a nice summary on even Late Acute rejection and Chronic Rejection

Another treat this week is the Nephrology Nature Review Journal- features an entire issue on Transplantation Tolerance, the holy grail of Transplantation. It reviews nice articles on Tolerance review, T Regs, Tregs and B cell interactions, Mixed chimerism and Biomarkers and proteonomics in transplant tolerance.

The references are below:

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