Thursday, October 14, 2010

CONSULT ROUNDS: renal disease

An interesting discussion took place yesterday.
We were comparing renal and other diseases.  When we have someone with cardiac disease, or stroke, the goal is usually to Increase perfusion and increase blood flow the other organ at stake.
Its interesting as in kidney disease, particularly glomerular or proteinuric kidney diseases, what we do is to decreases the flow to the kidney or decrease perfusion so that the Kidney has to do LESS work and hence less loss of protein. Interesting way to look at it.
This is one of the reasons why in some cases of Unilateral renal artery stenosis and Diabetic Nephropathy, the kidney with the side of stenosis is spared of diabetic changes! 
But then again, if you have ischemic nephropathy, the problem is low blood flow and you need to fix that.

The kidneys always want to be exclusive and different from rest of the body!

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  1. It is okay to compare ischemic nephropathy to CAD or CVA the treatment for all three of which is similar - to increase the blood flow.
    I think we all got a little carried away comparing glomerular or proteinuric disease which I will comapare with arrhythmia/A fin in which the goal is to reduce heart rate and the "work of heart".


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