Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TOPIC DISCUSSION: Urinary Diversions

When someone has a bladder surgery and complete removal of the bladder, there are three ways a new bladder can be created. Its important to know this information as nephrologist so that we understand what the anatomy is.

1. Neobladder(urethera diversion): a new bladder is created using the intestines and connected directly to the urethera and patient can urinate like they normally do. It sits in the body.
2. Ileal Conduit. a segment of the intestine is linked up to the ureters creating a diversion that directs urine through a stoma into a bag sitting outside the body.
3. Indiana Pouch : a pouch is made from parts of the intestine that hooks up to the ureters in the abdomen and connected to a stoma outside and a catheter needs to be inserted to drain the urine.

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