Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Quiz 4 Answers

What is the most common cause of Denovo Thrombotic Microangiopathy post renal transplant?

Calcineurin inhibitor toxicity 5 (55%)
Antibody mediated rejection 3 (33%)
MPGN 0 (0%)
Malignancy 0 (0%)
Infections 1 (11%)

Denovo TMA post transplant is defined as happening in the early post transplant period.( 6 months). All of the above can cause de novo TMA in post transplant patients. The most common cause as most of you got it is CNI toxicity. Although, Antibody mediated rejection closely follows it and should always be considered. Another cause not listed here is ischemic repefusion injury as well leading to a TMA.
A recent study in AJT August 2010 showed in a retrospective fashion that TMA can be very strongly associated with C4D positive Biopsies showing ABMR as well. 14% with CD4 positive patients had TMA compared to only 3% with C4D negative biopsies. Treatment changes - Plasmapheresis might help in this case as you will remove the donor specific antibodies and also help the process of TMA treatment.

Regardless in any case of TMA, treat the underlying cause if found! CNI induced TMA doesn't NEED to be treated with plasmapheresis


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