Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Low Donor Kidney Weight ? Does it matter?

We have asked this question many times in conferences and especially when a pediatric kidney gets put in an adult recipient? Does it matter if the donor kidney weight is not compatible to the recipient's weight?
There is one study in 2005 that showed that low donor kidney weight to recipient weight ratio did not affect graft survival.  That study only had 2.5 year follow up.
A recent study in JASN looked at >1000 patients for over 10 years and max of 7 year follow up. They found that with a low donor kidney to recipient kidney ratio of <2.3g/kg, initially the GFR increased, plateaued at 6 months but then decreased rapidly after 7 years at a mean rate of 3 ml/min.
With patients with >2.3g/kg, the the GFR after 7 years decreased at a much slower rate- 1.34ml/min.
The proteinuria was also higher in the low ratio group.FSGS was more common in the biopsies of the low ratio group.This is a retrospective analysis with its usual flaws but raises an important point of avoiding kidney and recipient weight incompatibility to avoid late clinical outcomes.


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