Thursday, August 26, 2010

IN THE NEWS: LIVER induced erythropoietin production

As we all know that the kidney is a major site for erythropoietin production. We deal with complications of ESRD and patients needing EPO as a result.
Apparently, liver controls production of this hormone in the fetal life.  Hypoxa inducible factor of HIF inhibits this function of the liver by three hydroxylases PHD1,2 and 3.

This recent study listed below showed that in mice if all three PHD1,2,3  are inhibited, the liver can started producing erythropoietin again.  This might make way for some clever drug creations for future treatment of anemia.  The concern might be if the body chose to shut down liver mediated Epo, perhaps it might not be that active or perhaps not a safe form. No one knows.
Is liver produced epo as effective and safe as the kidney produced epo?

Regardless, worth a read!


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