Wednesday, June 1, 2011


What is EXTRIP?  It is a workforce in extracorporeal treatments in poisoning that is comprised of nephrologists and toxicologists to come up with evidence based data to treat common poisonings.  There are no randomized trials in poisonings to define the role of dialysis properly. Most of the data out there is based on opinions and hence there is always disagreements.
Randomized trials in poisonings are hard to design. Few reasons are consenting, rare disease category, heterogeneous patients, mortality is low. The workforce will address how to even conduct proper trials in poisonings.  Hemodialysis is a valuable tool used in it but indications are very often based on perhaps erroneous toxicokinetics or clinical assumptions.  An entire journal of ACKD was recently dedicated to this topic
A must read for all for a topic that has lost it's flavour amongsts nephrologists


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