Friday, January 21, 2011

Fibrosis with Inflammation at One Year Predicts Transplant Functional Decline

At the ASN 2010, there was an abstract regarding the role of fibrosis and inflammation at one year to predict transplant survival. Kidney transplants with both interstitial fibrosis and subclinical inflammation but not fibrosis alone after 1 year have reduced survival. This study tested whether fibrosis with inflammation at 1 year associates with decline of renal function in a low-risk cohort and characterized the nature of the inflammation.
A group of patients with their biopsies were studied. Over-expression of toll-like receptor signaling, antigen presentation/dendritic cell maturation, interferon production and cytotoxic T lymphocyte-associated and acute rejection-associated genes were noted more in the ones with increased fibrosis. Therefore, the combination of fibrosis and inflammation in 1-year protocol biopsies associates with reduced graft function and survival as well as a rejection-like gene expression signature, even among recipients with no clinical risk factors for poor outcomes.
The abstract can be found at Nephrology Now as well

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