Friday, January 21, 2011

IN THE NEWS-->AngII and Metabolic Syndrome

A recent study in Kidney International, in mice, showed that Angiotensin II might be playing a role in adipose tissue as well and perhaps making things worse for the metabolic syndrome.  We know that Angiotensin precurosor leads to Ang II production and that can lead to HTN and aldosterone secretion and Water and NA retention in the kidney. In the Blood vessels, it leads to atherosclerosis and vasoconstriction.
Fat cell hypertrophy is associated with increased secretion of angiotensin precursors and inflammatory cytokines. Adipose tissue expresses all components of the RAS system and can generate local Ang II which in turns upregulates AT1 ( a receptor) for lipogenesis and downregulates AT2 ( a receptor) for lipolysis.
This will lead to increased fat mass and more obesity.  Not to add that AngII can increase insulin resistance and impair insulin signaling.
No human data yet but interesting study.


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