Sunday, February 21, 2010

New drugs for Hepatitis C

The latest AJT report introduces us to a new line of drugs for treatment of Hepatitis C.  The two drugs that are closest to coming to the market are in Phase 3 trials are will be submitted to FDA soon.  They are telaprevir and boceprevir. Protease inhibitors have been discussed in treating hepatitis C for years now and this brings it to the forefront.
Allowing to treat patients prior to liver transplantation might be the most benefit as the interactions post transplants with immunosuppresive medications is always a challenge. We see that in HIV patients who get kidney transplants.
The article summarizes that the future of treating primary Hep C infection or recurrence in the liver graft is going to be a cocktail of medications that will include standard medications like interferon and ribavarin but also protease inhibitors.  Recurrence of Hep c in the transplanted liver is a commonly encountered problem and this might hopefully help in the near future.
Treatment of Hep C might tag behind how HIV is being treated.

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