Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Adrenal Gland Transplantation

The recent issue of AJT Feb 2010 describes a case report of human intramuscular adrenal gland transplantation.
Intramuscular endocrine gland transplantations have been described and we do have cases of that in the renal world of parathyroid glands being retransplanted in the muscles forearms to help continue some function on ESRD patients.  Adrenal transplantation is less common. This case describes a story of a young girl who had adrenal insufficiency and had renal failure and received a renal and adrenal transplantation from her mother.
This is the first case of a successful adrenal transplant for adrenal insufficiency.
Chronic medical treatment for adrenal insufficiency includes steroids and treatment for the transplant also includes steroids, the risk and benefits have to be weighed eventually.
At this point, the authors recommend that adrenal gland allotransplantation is only indicated in patients who already are maintained on immunosuppression for either concomitant or prior solid organ transplants.

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