Sunday, February 21, 2010


What is a CDC high risk donor? A recent article in AJT Feb 2010 issue talked about a study that wanted to see how centers of disease control high risk (CDCHR) status of organ donors affects the recipients and if the organs are being used appropriately.  An observational study showed that after 2 years, the median survival of those kidneys was no different then non CDCHR kidneys.  Labeling these kidneys as CDCHR or high risk resulted in wastage of 41 kidneys per year.

What constitutes CDC criteria for high risk:- a donor who falls under one of the categories:- IV drug user, hemophiliac, prostitution history, high risk sexual activity, exposure to HIV and jail sentencing.  If this information is known, that organ is considered CDC high risk and post transplant care also includes regular checking of hepatitis and HIV viral loads every few months.

Something to ponder on!

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