Saturday, May 14, 2011

TOPIC DISCUSSION: Micro Rnas and Chronic Kidney Disease

CKD has been associated with IF/TA ( interstitial fibrosis and tubular atrophy) and progressive organ function loss. Micro RNAs or miRNAs are endogenous single stranded short RNA molecules that regulate 50% of the gene. So basically tell a gene to turn on or off or regulate the protein expression. miRNAs are deregulated in kidney diseases and in transplantation and perhaps might influence the kidney fibrosis and dysfunction.
Knowledge of these molecules could lead to good treatment options in the near future.

Some interesting points about miRNAs and kidney disease:
1. miRNAs were first mentioned as early as in 1990s, the first one was lin-4.
2. 851 miRNAs have been identified in humans
3. miRNAs in the pheontypic transition of the JG cells were studied in hypertension
4. many miRNAs have been noted in renal biopsy samples of HTN nephrosclerosis
5. miRNA patterns have been noted in transplant allograft rejection as well
6. mir192 is the prototype Diabetic nephropathy mRNA
7. Podocyte biology and especially IgA nephropathy have identified miRNAs as well.
8. miRNAs modulators might be future drug targets for certain renal and non renal diseases.


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