Thursday, May 5, 2011

Interesting Urine Lytes

1. Oliguric/anuric individual
Urine lytes obtained after foley inserted:- Una 27, UK 24, UCl 27 and U Crt 9

2. Hyponatremic individual Na 107, conivaptan stated
Urine lytes obtained after 4 hours:- Una <10, UK<10 U Cl <10 and U Osm 150

Any thoughts? on what is going on?


  1. First case:
    post obstructive diuresis electrolytes osmotically equivalent to 1/2 NS?

    Second case:
    aquauresis after conivaptan, that has peak plasma concentration at 2 hrs after adminitration, causing decrease in electrolyte concentration.

  2. Thanks:
    First case:- Urine taken someone who is anuric with sterile water irrigation before foley

    Second case:- Aquaresis after conivaptan, diluting the urine to give an lower electrolyte concentration.


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