Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NKF 2011 Live: First Clinical Guidelines on Acute Kidney Injury Issued

This is a summery of one of the talks at The NKF meeting ; MEdscape nephrology conducted an interview with Dr. Kellum who co-chaired the KDIGO initiative.

Go to the link above for the full interview: here are some points of the talk

RIFLE and AKIN should be used by frontline practitioners to diagnose AKI, and this should serve to increase awareness about the prevention, recognition, and management of acute kidney injury.

Up to 33% of ICU patients and as many as 20% of all hospitalized patients develop acute kidney injury. even mild injury, resulting in small changes in renal function acutely, can have significant short-term and long-term consequences.

Replacement fluid should be crystolloids and colloids(avoid albumin, hetastarch and alike).

CIN prophylaxis: Normal saline or bicarbonate are both of equally effective with no preference.

Citracate bath and US-guided catheter insertion were strongly recommended. this maybe controversial the committee admitted.

More in the full interview.
Ezra Hazzan MD

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