Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Journal Club: B regulatory cells

Today at Immunology Journal Club, we discussed an article from PNAS. It was a discussion of how Apoptotic cells in the setting of BALB/C, NOD and CIA mice models, showed increased CD4+ T cell production producing IL-10 via a B regulatory cell crosstalk also producing IL-10.
This is a fascinating paper and adds to the ongoing papers on B regulatory cells. We know a lot about T regs and its relation to Foxp3 and being the "policemen" cells and causing negative regulation of immunity. B cells were classically thought of as effector cells and now there is emerging data in the last decade that there might be some role of B cells in regulation as well in Encephalitis models, Diabetes, Collagen induced arthritis and latest off the press also in murine lupus models.
This might implications once we see some human data, so far none in nephrology and transplantation, oncology and rheumatology.
Here are some very good references:

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