Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Which drink is not good for stone formers?

  11 (40%)
  6 (22%)
  10 (37%)

Older literature had suggested that both coffee and tea contained high amounts of oxalate and hence might be bad for kidney stone formers.  However, recent literature might suggest otherwise. A nice study is the VET twin study. The VET Registry included  7500 male-male twin pairs born between 1939 to 1955. A mail and telephone survey included a question asking if the individual had ever been told of having a kidney stone by a physician. Detailed dietary habits were elicited.  In the multivariate analysis of twin pairs discordant for kidney stones, they found a protective dose-response pattern of coffee drinking ; those who drank 5 or more cups of coffee were half as likely to develop kidney stones as those who did not drink coffee. Those who drank at least 1 cup of milk per day were half as likely to report kidney stones. There were also marginally significant protective effects of increasing numbers of cups of tea per day and frequent consumption of fruits and vegetables. 
So based on this study, Coffee more than tea was protective.
Other studies listed below have shown that both tea and coffee can be protective.
In summary, none of those choices are correct, sorry! bad question. It should have been neither!

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