Saturday, June 19, 2010

Answer to Immunology Quiz 2

Immunology Quiz 2:
Which of the following drug & target of action combinations incorrectly matched?

Tacrolimus/Calcineurin - 16%
Basiliximab/CD3 - 66%
Sirolimus/mTOR - 16%
Belatacept/CD80,86 - 33%
Compath/CD52 - 8%
OKT3/CD25 - 66%

As majority of you indicated, the incorrect combinations are Basiliximab/CD3 and OKT3/CD25. Basiliximab acts by blocking IL2 receptor, also known as CD25. OKT3 or Muromonab-CD3 is a monoclonal antibody to CD3 on T cells. 33% of you marked Belatacept/CD80,86 as incorrect combination. However, this is a wrong choice as CD80/86 on antigen presenting cells is indeed the target of action for Belatacept there by inhibiting CD28 costimulation pathway of T cell activation.

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