Sunday, April 4, 2010

TOPIC DISCUSSION: Albuminuria and Proteinuria

Few days ago, we discussed what is the normal for albumin amount in your urine and total protein amount?

In a 24 hour urine collection, it would be considered normal to have up to150 mg per day of protein, of which approximately 10 mg is albumin. 
Normal urine albumin to creatinine ratio is <17 mg albumin/g creatinine for men, < 25 mg albumin/g creatinine for women. The normal urine protein to creatinine ratio is < 200 mg protein/gram creatinine.
Urinary protein can be comprised of both albumin and other proteins.Therefore, the urine albumin would not account for all protein excretion.
Microalbuminuria refers to albumin excretion of 30-300 mg/day, which correlates to a urine albumin:creatinine ratio of 17-250 mg/g for men and 25-355 mg/g for women.

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  1. Students should also be familiar with the clinical trial that compared 24-hour urine collections for protein with spot protein:creatinine ratios. There is a correlation and it is because of this investigation that the spot urine studies have become ubiquitous in Nephrology practices.


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