Tuesday, April 13, 2010


A nice review was presented at our rounds on how myeloma can affect the kidney.
There are lot of ways myeloma can affect the kidney.
Just want to list the different presentations myeloma can have on the kidney that you might encounter.
1. Fanconi Syndrome or biopsy proven newly called Light chain proximal tubulopathy
2. Cast Nephropathy ( usually light chain)
3. Amyloidosis ( AL or sometimes even AH)
4. Monoclonal immunoglobulin depositon disease--> which includes heavy chain or light chain deposition disease or mixed chain deposition disease
5. Cryoglobulenemic GN
6. Proliferative GN ( described by Nasr et al)
7. Distal Tubular Dysfunction
8. Hypercalcemia
9. Interstitial Nephritis
10. Plasma cell invasion or infiltration related damage
11. Hyperviscosity Syndrome
12. Crystalglobulinemia

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