Friday, April 23, 2010

Dual Liver and Kidney Transplantations

Tips from the NKF 2010 sessions

1. When to do both and when to do just Liver? It’s hard to figure this out as most of the kidney damage in liver associated kidney injury is ischemia and we don’t have good markers
2. A good strategy suggested was using biopsy as a guide and using the Interstitial fibrosis, tubular injury as a tool for seeing if they need a SLK or just a liver transplant.
3. When this strategy was used in some centers, and crt compared after going ahead with a respective transplants ( SLK or just liver), crt were 1.2 at 6 months in both groups.
4. Most common biopsy finding: ischemic ATN, followed by other primary GNs, (MPGN, IgA, FSGS, TMA) and vascular disease
5. If the patient has ESLD and is on dialysis < 6 weeks, perhaps just a liver is fine but otherwise might need a SLK. But with the biopsy method, we might achieve more accuracy

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