Monday, August 1, 2011

TOPIC DISCUSSION: Adequacy of Dialysis HD vs. PD

For PD, the weekly goal is 1.7 which divided into 7 days is below 0.3 (if we were close to 2) and for HD the kt/v goal is 1.2 every treatment which divided into 2 days will give approx 0.6 per day so  questions arise?- 
Why are goals different and howcome the outcomes are same?
The goals to be achieved during hemodialysis are typically higher beacuse the 24 hour solute clearance that we get with PD is more "efficient" and gets more convective/middle molecular clearance. Comparable efficiency of all solute clearance on HD can only be achieved with higher kt/v for each treatment since they are short and intermittent in other words hemodialysis is less efficient if you will.

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  1. In short the clearances on the two are not comparable and thus different targets. It is like comparing apples to oranges!


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