Monday, August 8, 2011

IN THE NEWS: SuPAR circulating Factor for FSGS

Finally, the circulating factor in FSGS has been likely identified. Take a look at the most recent Nature paper by Wei et al. Some summary points:

1. Serum soluble urokinase receptor (suPAR) is elevated in 2/3 of the patients with FSGS
2. It is not elevated in other proteinuric glomerular diseases
3. Higher concentrations before transplantation- might suggest risk of recucurrence
4. Mouse models showed that elevated suPAR caused FSGS like pathology ( foot process effacement)
5. SuPAR decreased with plasmapheresis.

What is suPAR:- it is normal to have some amount of it as it is responsible for neutrophil trafficking.
Interestingly, it is elevated in HIV and some cancers- hmmm? perhaps a factor in HIV associated FSGS as well?
Can this be used as a marker? Perhaps- and even as a predictor of recurrence?
Can galactose bind to this circulating factor? Perhaps?...
What about the other 1/3 of FSGS?

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