Thursday, July 14, 2011


Which one of the following is NOT associated with Hepatitis B virus?
Membranous Glomerulopathy
  5 (5%)
Membrano proliferative GN
  1 (1%)
Mesangio proliferative GN
  6 (7%)
IgA nephropathy
  37 (43%)
Poly Arteritis Nadosa
  8 (9%)
All above are associated with Hepatitis B
  28 (32%)

Tough battle between All above and IgA Nephropathy. Traditionally, we think of Hep B and kidney disease as classically as Membranous GN.  So the most common finding is that.  MPGN, Mesangioproliferative and PAN have been also noted with Hep B.  Ig A has some rare associations with Hep B as well.  So the most probable answer should be All above are associated with Hep B.  The presence of immune complexes in the kidney suggests an immune complex basis for the disease like in MPGN sometimes, but a direct antigenic effect is the most likely cause of the proteinuria. Studies have shown that clearance of HBV antigens, either spontaneous or following antiviral treatments results in improvement in proteinuria. Thus, prompt recognition and specific antiviral treatment are critical in managing patients with HBV and renal involvement. Check out ref 1 and 2 for oldest literature on this topic. The last few references are linking IgA nephropathy and Hep B in endemic areas.

Here are some references:

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  1. Love the question.

    You could also associate secondary IgA nephropathy to Hepatitis B via cirrhosis.


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