Friday, April 22, 2011

IN THE NEWS--> Salt sensitive HTN and temperature?

Why are some people having salt sensitive HTN and some don't. A nice study published in HTN Research examines this concept.  The researchers examined the effect of salt and water consumption versus just water upon a group of 22 healthy men without high blood pressure. The study participants' blood pressure, rectal temperature, cardiac index and urine output were monitored after the men ingested either salt and water or water alone. Changes in rectal temperature were compared between the men identified as salt sensitive versus those who were salt resistant. The study found that the ingestion of salt and water lowered body temperature more than the ingestion of water by itself. In addition, body temperature decreased more in individuals who are salt resistant than in individuals who are salt sensitive. 
Don't know what to make of these results in a small study. It still begs the question on salt sensitivity is seen in some individuals and some it doesn't apply. 

Check out the original study here

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