Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We see proteinuria all the time. What are the different types of proteinuria? Here is a list of different types of proteinuria from a recent article in Kidney International.

1. Glomerular Proteinuria:- usually loss of albumin and higher molecular weight proteins
2. Tubular Proteinturia:- b2 microglobulin and loss of low molecular weight protein
3. Overflow Proteinuria:- usually seen in myeloma or paraproteinemias that lead to an overflow and loss in the urine due to overproduction.
4. Post exercise:- transient and benign and can be as high as 10gm
5. Post prandial:- very transient and its due to insulin action on the podocytes
6. Infection associated:- by Toll receptors. like we see in urinary tract infections perhaps. maybe its a response to clear the infection?

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