Monday, March 22, 2010

IN THE NEWS- NSF and Kidney Transplantation

A recent study in AJT March 2010 issue evaluated what happens to patients after they get a kidney transplant in terms of their nephrogenic systemic fibrosis disease. They studied 17 patients retrospectively.
Nine of 11 transplanted patients had NSF pre transplant and 2 had post transplant DGF and then NSF.
6 dialysis patients with NSF were also studied. They followed these patients for 35 months for post transplant patients and 9 months for dialysis patients.  Baseline GFR for transplant patients were 42ml.min.
NSF only improved in 55% of transplant patients and 50% of non transplanted patients. Of the 6 patients of the 11 total transplanted patients, 4 had partial remission and 2 had complete remission of NSF.
It seems that they summarize that transplant or no transplant, 50% had some remission of NSF. So it doesn't seem that transplantation changed outcomes for their NSF.
This is important as this is the largest study of NSF in transplant patients I found so far. Hopefully a more prospective study might be more helpful. In general, i  think we are going to see less and less of this disease as we are avoiding gadolinium based MRIs in many of our CKD and post transplant CKD patients.

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