Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Agents for renal transplantation

Nature reviews Nephrology has a nice review on the new drugs that have been recently tried and are upcoming for the treatment of rejection or for induction.
To name and summarize a few:-
1. Alafacept  which targets Cd2 is a fusion protein that will delete activated T cells only( apoptosis method)
2. Belatacept which targets Cd80 and cd86 is also a fusion protein and can inhibit the second signal to activate T cells.
3. Sotrastaurin is a protein kinase C target and inhibits it to decrease T cell activation.
4. CP-690,550 is a JAK-3 inhibitor.
5. Eculizimab is a C5 inhibitor and inactivates complement cascade, very good use in ab mediated rejection
6. Bortezomib is a NFkB target and can deplete plasma cells and helps in plasma cell rich ab mediated rejection.
For an excellent summary, look at Figure 1 in the review article in Nature Nephrology.

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