Sunday, November 13, 2011

ASN2011: Late Breaking Oral Presentation: FISH Trial

Dr Lok from Canada presented the findings of the FISH trial that looked at use of 4gm of fish oil as a primary preventive for AVG stenosis.  The primary outcome was native potency and they did a randomized controlled placebo based trial.  It was a large group of patients and it was a well designed trial.
Unfortunately, the primary outcome was negative and there was no statistical significance of native potency prevention. But the secondary outcomes such as rate to thrombosis, number of interventional procedures, and cardiac events( MI and CHF) were statistically significant in the fish oil group.  
Also, the rate of corrective interventions was more in the placebo arm. Interestingly, there was no difference in cholesterol, TG and LDL in both groups. But HTN mean SBP was less in the fish oil group post intervention.  

A nice trial, but negative results. But there is some suggestion here that fish oil might be helpful in preventing cardiac events. This is the largest cause of death in ESRD patients. Something to follow up on as the research gets published


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