Thursday, March 3, 2011


Which of these genes are linked with diabetic nephropathy?
Angiotensin I Converting Enzyme gene
  3 (11%)
Endothelial nitric oxide synthase gene
  0 (0%)
Erythropoietin gene
  0 (0%)
Gremlin 1 gene
  2 (7%)
Protein Kinase C-B1 gene
  5 (18%)
Superoxide dismutase 1 gene
  2 (7%)
All of the above
  15 (55%)
Most of you got this one right. its all of the above. 
A recent literature search and a meta analysis published in Diabetologia
34 replicated genetic variants were identified Of these, 21 remained significantly associated with diabetic nephropathy in a random-effects meta-analysis.  Many were identified and sub divided in different race groups. All the ones mentioned above were important. Please look below at the ref for more data.

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