Thursday, December 23, 2010

TOPIC DISCUSSION: Hypokalemic Nephropathy

Yes... Hypokalemia that is chronic can lead to decrease in GFR and nephropathy. How so?
Also known as kaliopenic nephropathy
1. Hypokalemia can lead to a renal concentrating defect leading to polyuria and polydipsia- DI
2. Chronic tubular damage can occur as a result and lead to proximal tubular damage as well
3. Tubular interstitial disease develops
4. Proteinuria can be seen
5. Renal cysts can be noted
6. There is also impairment of  renal angiogenesis, evidenced by progressive capillary loss, reduced endothelial cell proliferation, and loss of VEGF expression in one study.
7. Histologically:- tubular atrophy, interstitial infiltration of macrophages, and fibrosis


  1. Apart from proactive regular electrolyte assessments, and potassium supplementation when necessary, are there alternative remedies to this potentially deleterious condition?

  2. Not that i am aware of. If anyone who knows, please comment.


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