Friday, December 10, 2010

Concept Map of Hypomagnesemia

A brief overview of Hypomagnesemia using a concept map model
If not complete, help me complete it!


  1. Widening of QRS, prolonged PR and peaked T waves? Sounds more like hyperkalemia. Hypomag lengthens the QT or QU interval.

  2. Magnesium depletion can induce changes in the electrocardiogram. Widening of the QRS complex and peaking of T waves have been described with modest magnesium loss, while more severe magnesium depletion can lead to prolongation of the PR interval, progressive widening of the QRS complex, and diminution of the T wave. So in other words, earlier on there are changes like hyperkalemia and then like hypokalemia. And I agree, it does lengthen the QT leading to torsades sometimes as well. I shall rectify the concept map to include these changes and detail it more accurately.


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