Tuesday, May 25, 2010


The recent AJT May 2010 issue has a nice histopathology and immunotyping of the spleen in a case of renal allograft antibody mediated rejection. Splenectomy is done in rare cases to treat ABMR.  What this case illustrates is what they found in the spleen that might have been causing the damage.
The spleen biopsy was abundant with clusters of CD 138+ plasma cells.  This can explain the rapid response that we see once the spleen is removed.  They postulate that the spleen might be a reservoir for converting CD 20+ B cells to antibody secreting CD138+ plasma cells at the time of stress.
The HLA antibody is specific. Is the spleen really producing that specific antibody is unclear.
But this staining showed something novel about the plasma cells.
It has been noted that the kidney biopsy that is rich in plasma cells and ABMR has a worse prognosis.
It might be coming in bursts and splenectomy might help. Anti Plasma cells agents like Bortezomib might also be possible options in a case like this. I think it might worked as well as the splenectomy.

Regardless a nice read!

Image source: http://www.lifespan.org/tmh/services/surgery/mininvasive/images/spleenlarge.jpg

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