Friday, May 21, 2010

Cellcept vs Myfortic? any difference!!

We use cellcept often and some centers prefer Myfortic.  A common reason to switch usually is GI side effects more noted in cellcept.  
Is there any difference? otherwise in outcomes of both patients.A retrospective analysis was done of over 45,000 patients from the UNOS database.  They measured graft failure, death with graft, acute rejection, NODAT, and renal function. 
To answer this question, a nice paper in Transplantation talks about this.  A large retrospective trial of 48,000 patients using the UNOS database was done. End points were graft failure, death with functioning graft, NODAT, acute rejection, and renal function.  around 10% were on myfortic and remaining on cellcept.
Propensity score-adjusted regression analysis showed that patients who received myfortic were at increased risk of biopsy proven acute rejection. The adjusted biopsy proven acute rejection rate difference at 3 years post transplant was less than 2% statistically significant due to large number of patients.  There was no difference in graft survival, NODAT, renal function and other measures. 

Interesting to note this difference. Overall, in terms of graft survival , this RETROSPECTIVE LARGE study showed no major difference. The authors think that due to the large numbers, this difference was less meaningful.


  1. Not statistically different unless you were forced to switch and the creatnine numbers jump. Myfortic needs further study.

  2. I agree, every since my child was force to switch he has had sever weight loss- no appitiete-real bad gas and more!


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