Monday, May 24, 2010

Kidney Autotransplantation

Autotransplantation is something not that talked about. It is mainly used to recover or stabalize renal impairment due to renovascular or ureteric disorders to avoid nephrectomies. Perhaps due to major advances in interventional nephrology and radiology and immunosuppresive agents, this mode of treatment has fallen out of favor. Renal autotransplantation was first performed successfully in 1963 on a patient with severe
ureteral damage.  Bodie et al. reported the longest series of 23 patients who underwent renal
autotransplantation for extensive ureteral injuries, and were followed up for up to 14 years.  

What are some of the reasons that leads to autotransplantation of the kidney? at least historically

1. Iatrogenic ureter lesion 
2. Gross hematuria due to kidney vascular abnormalities
3. Renal artery stenosis
4. Long ureteric stenosis
5. Ureteral strictures
6. TCC of upper GU organs
7. RP Fibrosis

Some good references

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