Thursday, May 27, 2010

Role Playing in Transplant Teaching

Today at our transplant conference we did something fun.
A month ago, each fellow in training was assigned a transplant drug( MMF, imuran, cyclosporine, prograf, sirolimus, steroids and belatecpt).
In the one hour, each fellow had to play a role of the drug and stay in character. Initial rounds were introduction rounds and then followed debate rounds where major debates between Steroids vs no steroids, CNI vs belatecept, Cyclo vs prograf, sirolimus vs CNI and Imuran vs MMF happened.
It was tons of fun and fellows enjoyed it. Role playing of drugs taught them the strengths, mechanism of actions and their weaknesses.

Hoping to use tools like this to teach nephrology as we more forward; and make it lot of fun!!

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