Saturday, May 8, 2010

H1N1 and Transplantation

A study at ATC 2010 showed the following

Novel H1N1 caused the 2009-10 pandemic, however the effect on Single Organ Transplants( SOT) is not well known.  The outcomes of H1N1 were reported in a large multicenter study by Kumar et al. from 4/2009 to 11/2009.  115 medically attended H1N1 infections were reported from US and Canada.  61% of patients described were lymphopenic and 65.2% were hospitalized.  Fever and recent ATG use was predictive of requiring hospitalization.  Complications included pneumonia (25.2%), ICU stay and 1 death.  Antiviral therapy was used in 91% of cases predominantly being oseltamivir monotherapy. Patients started on antiviral therapy before 48hrs of symptom onset were less likely to require ICU stay (0% vs. 22.4%).  
Conclusions/ comments:  H1N1 may cause significant morbidity in SOT patients.  If suspected, antiviral treatment should be started immediately and prior to confirmation of H1N1.  Unfortunately the effect of the H1N1 vaccine is not well characterized since the majority of reported cases occurred before vaccine availability.  The optimum dose, course and antiviral therapy remains unknown.  

Reported by Vinay Nair

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